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Bristol Fourth of July Celebration

4th of July License Plate

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I keep my current RI License plate number? 
    Yes. When you switch to the Patriotic plate, your current number is transferred to the new plate, just think of it as ordering a new background design for your existing plate.

  2. Can I get whatever number I want? 
    The DMV only issues plates that are currently active.

  3. I have a commercial plate; can I get a Patriotic plate? 
    Presently, only passenger vehicle plates qualify for the Patriotic plate.

  4. How much is the Patriotic plate and where does the money go? 
    First Time charity order for a set of two plates is $42.50. $15.00 of each order goes
    directly to The Fourth of July Committee to help with their efforts to continue the
    Annual Celebration, $5.00 will be donated directly to the RI Veterans Home, $22.50
    will go to the DMV for plate production.

  5. What if I lose a plate and need just one?
    You will need a remake of your plates which is directly controlled by the DMV and
    the cost is $32.50 (Set of two). The Fourth of July Committee does not receive any
    of that money.

  6. When can I expect to receive my plates?
    The plates can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete. The DMV will mail your
    plates directly to you when they are ready.

  7. Can anyone who has any kind of vehicle purchase the Patriotic license plates? Commercial , Combination, Suburban, Veteran or similar plates DO NOT qualify for
    the Patriotic plates. Your registration must say "PRIVATE PASS".

  8. Do I have to live in Rhode Island to get the Patriotic license plates? 
    You must already have a Rhode Island registered car in order to get the Patriotic plates.

  9. I collect old license plates, can I keep my old ones? 
    Yes, however the DMV would prefer that you destroy your old plates.



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