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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I keep my current RI License plate number? Yes. When you switch to the Bristol Fourth of July plate, your current number is transferred to the new plate, just think of it as ordering a new background design for your existing plate.

  2. What if I currently have a 6-digit plate? Unlike our previous design, the new design will allow us to take applications for 6-digit plates.

  3. Can I get whatever number I want? We can only issue plates that are currently ACTIVE. The Fourth of July Committee cannot grant anyone different plate numbers. Only the DMV can do that. 

  4. I have a commercial plate; can I get a BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate? Presently, only passenger vehicle plates qualify for the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate.

  5. How much is the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate and where does the money go? For a set of two plates, the cost is $42.50 and is distributed this way: The Fourth of July Committee collects the money for the plate with payment made out to “Bristol Fourth of July Committee”. $15 of the order will go to The Fourth of July Committee and their efforts to continue the Annual Celebration, $5 will go to the RI Veterans Home, $20 will go to the state to make the plate, and $2.50 is added to each order as a technology surcharge for the DMV. 

  6. Do I get charged every year for the new plate? We made a conscious decision to make the fee for the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate a one-time charge. The $42.50 you pay towards the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate is the only payment you will have to make to the Committee. You will still need to pay your registration fee every two years to the DMV, but the fee for the new BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate happens only once.

  7. When can I expect to receive my plate? We submit all new license plate orders at the end of each month to the DMV. From there, the average lead time has been about 1-2 months.

  8. I have a “Surburban” plate, do I qualify? At the moment, no. Like the commercial plate, your plate type was not included in our bill.

  9. Do I have to live in Rhode Island to get a BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate? You must already have a Rhode Island registered car in order to get a BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate.

  10. I collect old license plates, can I keep my old ones? No, by Rhode Island law, in order to receive your new BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plates, the DMV must be presented the two plates that are currently on your car. If you only have one plate to turn over to the DMV when you are picking up the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate, in lieu of the plate you must have a police report for a stolen or missing plate.

  11. Do I have to pick up my plates at the DMV? Yes. Once your plate is ready, you will be contacted by the DMV and the Fourth of July Committee. You will need to go to the DMV in Cranston to pick up your plate. You do not need to go upstairs and wait in line. There is a license plate window downstairs where you will exchange your plates. Please remove your plates when you get to the DMV and bring them inside with you in order to receive your new plates.

  12. I’d like to get a vanity plate. Can you help me with this? No, our role is to simply replace your existing plate with a new background that includes the Bristol Fourth of July design. If you’d like to change your current registration you must contact the DMV directly. Once you change your existing registration to the one you desire, then you can order a BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate provided that new plate is 5 digits or less. 

  13. My registration expires in July every other year. If I get the plate in June, do I have to register the car again in July? Think of buying the BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate as simply replacing the look of your current one. We have nothing to do with the registration of your car, and if you get a new BRISTOL FOURTH OF JULY plate in June it will come with a sticker that has the July expiration sticker on it. You will have to pay for the new registration extension for the next two years as yours expires. Whatever the expiration date sticker, which is currently on your plate, will still be the expiration date of your car.




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