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Firefly Proud Patriotic supporters, man and a woman, holding a small flagstanding in the s

Bristol Fourth of July Celebration

Master List

2024 Patriotic Supporters

Ms. Ann-Marie Conklin                   Wishing you great success with this year's parade.

Ben and Tina Barboza

Cliff and Kathy McGovern

Richard and Robin Medeiros.         4th of July in Bristol is the best!

DeWolf and Martha Fulton.             Congrats to the Committee on a festive 239th and many, many more to come!

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony (Elsie) Avila.     Happy 4th of July to All!

John Andrade Insurance                 Happy 4th Bristol!!

Dick & Lydia Devault

Timothy & Frances Pray                  Be safe, Bristol enjoy  the 4th of July events and parade!

Suzanne & Ira Magaziner                So proud to live in Bristol!

Martha Costa                                    Always loved the 4th of July.

David Duggan

Herb Cummings                               We are proud of our volunteers and Town deptartments that make this
                                                           event possible.

Paul & Paula Ferreira                       Celebrating 239 years of patriotism. Thank you Bristol, 4th of July Committee                                                                                          and all supporters who make this parade possible.

Oliver Ins. Agency, Inc.                     Happy Fourth of July!

Edna Greene

Mrs. Ronald Gladue                          Happy 4th of July!

Patty Ennent & Fran Grunberg

Ursillo, Teitz & Ritch, Ltd.

Pam Lenehen & Larry Guess

Susan & David Hibbitt

Sharon & Corey Fusco

Zane & Carol Anderson

Anne Welch

Ferreira Electric, Inc.                         Happy 4th of July!

George C. Lima Funeral Home

Robert Mirick

Leyla Saltuk

Edward & Rachel Castro                   Have a "Happy and Safe 4th of July." Congratulations to our new Chief Marshal,                                                                                        and family.

Bennett & Charlotte Burnham          Congratulations! Eliza, Tom, Claire, Wesley, Nick, & Chelsea

Sandra Andrade

Tony & Jacqueline A. Teixeira           Thank you to all the volunteers for their time and service to keep Bristol 4th                                                                                              Celebration alive and well. God Bless All!

Robert Rondeau                                  Thanks for continuing the tradition!!!

Nina & Patrick McCarthy                    Bristol's 4th! Still the oldest, still the best!

Principe Engineering, Inc                   Happy 4th of July!

Maryann & Paul Salesi                       Congratulations Camille Teixeira, General Chairperson and her team of hard                                                                                             working volunteers. Best wishes for the fabulous 4th of Jut Celebration.

Vietnam Veterans Group

Columban Fathers

Lydia Serpa                                         In Memory of Russell S. Serpa, 220th Chief Marshal. Gone but not forgotten!

Anita CordeiroI                                    Love the USA 

Eleanor McGinn

Natalie Urban

Eddie & Sandi Stuart                          Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!

Kim Securo/Mike Caprio                    We are happy to be part of the Fourth of July Celebration.

Joseph & leigh McGraw                      Happy Fourth, Bristol! God Bless America!

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cardullo

Jane Castro                                         In Memory of Francis N. Perry, General Chairman, 1959-1960

John & Gina Hamel                            Happy 4th of July!

Gayl & Dudley Hallagan                     Happy 4th Bristol and Happy Birthday America!

Peter & Eileen Hewett

Sue Nerone                                         In Memory of Bo and Ann, from your Family

Ocean Massage                                  Happy Fourth of July!

Joan Prescott

Joseph & Julie Perroni

Marcia Bosworth

A. Fire & Safety

Nick Puniello                                      Thank you Committee members for your hard work.

J's Junk Removal and
Moving Service

Frank and Pat Caruso                       Happy Fourth of July!

Steven Paitchel

Honorable Cindy Coyne                    Wishing everyone a happy & safe 4th of July celebration. Enjoy the day!

Joan & Rich Abrams                         Congratulations Bristol!

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