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Fourth of July Celebration


For each Celebration there are several dignitaries chosen by the General Chairman, the Committee, or a Sub-Committee to participate at various levels in the Celebration. The Visiting Ship
is determined by the U.S. Navy. Below is the dignitaries' history.

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General Chairmen
1820 - Present

Chief Marshals
1785 - Present

The General Chairman has the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of the Celebration. They conduct all general meetings, provide leadership for the Committee and conduct all business related to the Celebration. 

The Committee’s General Chairman has the honor of selecting the Chief Marshal for each celebration. Beginning in the early 1800’s through to the current celebration, it is considered to be one of the highest honors bestowed on a Bristolian.

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Visiting Ship
1820 - Present

Hattie Brown Award
1987 - Present

Starting in the early 1900’s, he U.S. Navy sends a ship
to spend a week in Bristol during our celebration.

The Hattie Brown Award is presented each year by the Fourth of July Committee to a worthy Bristolian who demonstrates the same spirit of community service that was so much the distinguishable trait of
Hattie Brown.

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Patriotic Speakers
1785 - Present

Miss Fourth of July
1948 - Present

Each year a Patriotic Speaker or Speaker of the Day is chosen by the Committee to speak to our community to kick off
July 4th.

Since 1948, Bristol 16-20-year-old girls compete for the honor of wearing the Miss Fourth of July Crown, and beginning in 1997, Bristol 7-9-year-old girls complete for the Little Miss Fourth of July Crown.

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Interfaith Speakers
1987 - Present

Each year, the Bristol Fourth of July Committee holds its Interfaith Service. The service is rotated amongst the local religious organizations. The Interfaith Committee selects a speaker for this special event.


Button Contest
1992 - Present

Since 1992, the Committee has sponsored an annual Button Contest. The winners are chosen anonymously by the Souvenir Committee, presented with a cash prize and given the opportunity
to participate the 4th of
July parade.

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