Miss & Little Miss Fourth of July Pageant

May 28, 2022, 7:00pm
Mt. Hope High School Performing Arts Center
2022 Pageant - 075.jpeg

Special Thanks

Elizabeth Jones/Jillian Fitting  –  Opening Dance Number

A. G. & G./Vieste Rosa – Crowns and Crown Pins

Bethany Couto & Rosemary’s School of Dance – Performers

Mt. Hope High School Vocal Ensemble – Performers

  • Vic Bullard

  • Sophia Ferolito

  • Emily Marino

  • Jacob Perry

  • Nick Perry

Joe Ricci & Jacob Perry – Lighting and Sound

Scott Pellerin – DJ

David Burns – Program

Nat Squatrito – Photographer

MHHS Custodial Staff

Jim Tavares – Stage Decorations

Bella Goncalo – Hairdresser

Tim & Fran Pray/Tap Printing - Tickets and Donation in Memory of Cheryl Skuba

Tammy Delmage - Backpacks

Tabulator - Frank Fales

Mistress of Ceremonies - Mary Lou Palumbo

Left: Miss 4th of July 2022, Gwenyth Tucker

Right: Little Miss 4th of July 2022, Alana Crowell

2022 Pageant - 068.jpeg

1st Row:  Charlotte Loftus (1st Runner-Up)  Alana Crowell (Little Miss 4th)  Tessa Correia (2nd Runner-Up)


2nd Row:  Casey Little (3rd Runner-Up)  Eleni Gatos (1st Runner-Up)  Gwenyth Tucker (Miss 4th)  Samantha Martins (2nd Runner-Up)  Beilah Teixeira (4th Runner-Up).

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