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Interfaith Speaker for the 239th
Fourth of July Celebration

Each year an Interfaith Speaker is chosen by the Committee to speak to our community Interfaith Service
Congratulations to the Interfaith Speaker for the 239th Fourth of July Celebration
Sterling Clinton-Spellman.


Sterling Clinton-Spellman, affectionately known as the "Polisher" and "Success Alchemist," is a renowned author, speaker, empowerment coach, and transformational business consultant. Her mission is to guide individuals toward realizing their inherent greatness and living their dreams. With a wealth of experience in education, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Sterling brings a unique blend of insight and inspiration to her work. Through her books, workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting methods she has transformed countless lives and businesses.

Sterling and her husband, Russell founded The Incred-A-Bowl TM Food Company, a social enterprise, that operates as a multicultural food company, including 2 food trucks and a restaurant, serving delicious and healthy food with bowled(bold) flavors, created out of the love of good food, culture, and the passion to offer healthier food options to their community. They recently launched the Incred-A-BowlTM fresh start program, providing career opportunities for people who are historically disenfranchised and deemed unemployable. The program is a job + job training + leadership development + personal development rolled into one transformational opportunity.

Through her leadership and people-connecting skills, Sterling has become a powerful voice in her community, inspiring individuals to actualize their full potential. She currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island, with her husband, Russell Spellman, their daughters' 9-year-old Hasana, and 4-year-old Harmony.

My mission? Weaving together the worlds of business brilliance and personal transformation.

  • Speaker, Author, Success Alchemist

  • Certified Al Consultant

  • Coach & Consultant at POLISHED by Sterling

  • Founder of Nonprofit POLISHED GEMS: To Empower, Enhance and Transform the holistic wellbeing of Women and Girls of color.

  • Crunchy Mama to 8 & 3-year-old geniuses

  • Organized 22 conferences, hired 200 speakers +

  • I QUIT my job in 2016 to impact 1 million visionaries globally to refine their mindset,
    lead like a boss and live profitable lives.

  • Creator of the POLISHED Online Academy(Speak2Market, FAME, CoLab)

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